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Sun tea- Safe recipe for making iced tea in 2020

Can we prepare tea without using a cooktop? Yes, Sun tea is traditionally by harnessing the energy of the sun. This tea is brewed naturally with the help of the sun and hence the name ‘Sun Tea’. My beloved grandmother made this tea, and it was delectable. This tea is served with ice and is a pleasant refreshing drink. After following this recipe for years, I realized that there was a danger of bacteria growing in it. So I started preparing this tea in an alternative and safe method. I have discussed a more reliable way to make Sun Tea in this blog.

Sun tea vs regular tea

  • Regular tea is brewed with the help of gas cooktops or induction cooktops. But we make sun tea naturally by harnessing the energy of the sun or keeping it in the refrigerator.
  • The preparation of sun tea takes much longer than ordinary tea. Because steeping in Sun Tea is natural, it is less bitter and tastier.
  • We can include milk to regular tea, but we take sun tea without milk.
  • Avoid using herbal tea for making sun tea as bacterial growth in such an ideal situation is high. You can use herbal tea to make regular tea without any danger.

Sun tea benefits

The potential benefits of sun tea typically depend on the type of tea leaves used for making it. Below represent the advantages of various kinds of tea.

  • Black tea – It acts as a stress buster and is good for your health. It prevents some types of cancer.
  • Green tea – helps in losing weight. It Increases metabolism.
  • Rooibos Tea – It is an African herbal tea that is red. It is caffeine-free and is excellent for your health. It is the most beneficial type of tea. The tea brewed is recognized as Rooibos Sun Tea.

The typical benefit of making sun tea is that unlike any other tea, we can make it without using a gas stove. Hence the risk of possible accidents reduces when we make it. Sweet sun tea and sun tea with delicious fruits remain two other options that we can prepare from it. It provides you a refreshing effect and is a delightful drink option!

Is Sun tea dangerous?

When you keep sun tea to steep in the sun’s rays, there is a risk of bacteria flourishing in it. The highest temperature in the world was recorded at 134.1 °F. The heat provided by the sun’s rays is so hot that it makes bacteria active but not so hot as to kill them. Ropy bacteria called Alcaligenes viscolactis become active at such temperatures. It spoils the taste of sun tea and is, of course, unhygienic. It is recommended to prepare tea at a temperature of about 195 °F. At such high temperatures, bacteria are promptly killed, and there is no potential threat to our health.

If you are preparing sun tea with the help of sun rays, please exercise the following precautions:

  • Use a well-cleaned sun tea pitcher. Ensure that bacteria are not present in it from the beginning of the process.
  • If you are making it in a dispenser, make sure you cleanse the area around the spigot. This area is the most vulnerable area for bacterial growth.
  • Utilize distilled water to make it. There is a possibility that bacteria may be present in tap water.
  • After placing the tea in the sun, gradually reduce the temperature of sun tea by putting ice cubes in it. After some time, keep it in the fridge.
  • Avoid using herbal teas to prepare sun tea. The caffeine present in black tea fights against bacterial growth.

Still wondering, “Is sun tea safe?” A safe alternative for making sun tea with the sun’s help is to steep it in the refrigerator. The low temperature in the fridge will hinder any chance of bacterial growth in it. The result obtained by both processes is the same. It’s just that you need to steep it in the refrigerator for a few extra hours.

Sun Tea jar

Specially designed sun tea pitchers are available in various shapes and sizes. They are equally recognized as sun tea containers, sun tea maker, and sun tea brewer. The benefits of using such sun tea jars are:

  • They are produced from glass, which makes them chemical-free. Plastic jars react with tea and stimulate the growth of bacteria, making it bad in taste. Sun Tea Brewing is always secure in a glass jar.
  • You can observe the amount in it due to its transparent nature.
  • The Sun Tea Glass Jar typically comes with a lid that makes it watertight and protective from fleas. Mason jars are readily available to make sun tea; we can easily open and close the cover.
  • Most of them are BPA free. BPA means Bisphenol A. Any utensil that is BPA free is safer and healthier. BPA can affect your immune and reproductive systems.
  • Most of them are made without using lead; we all know that high levels of lead are dangerous for our kidneys.
  • It is straightforward to store sun tea because it has a broad opening. A wide opening allows us to pour water without the danger of water spilling out easily.
  • Cleaning a sun tea jug constitutes an essential part of making sun tea. If not, the bacteria is likely to flourish. A broad opening makes it easy to clean.
  • Another alternative to using plastic bottles is the Sun Tea glass beverage dispenser. The most capital thing about it is that it has a stainless steel spigot, which is very durable and easy to use.

Sun tea recipe

Sun tea – Safe iced tea

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Sun tea is the traditional way of making iced tea. There is a chance of bacterial growth when we steep it in the sun. So, I prefer to make it by keeping it in the fridge. This method is entirely safe. If you’re wondering how to make Sun Tea, below are the steps to follow.


  • Distilled water

  • Black or green tea bags

  • Ice cubes


  • Take a sun tea glass jar that is about 1 gallon and fill it with water.
  • Place 6-8 tea bags to it. Close the lid of the mason jar.
  • Leave it in the refrigerator for about 6-8 hours or overnight.
  • Remove the lid and gently squeeze the tea bags.
  • Serve this delicious sun tea in a glass of ice.


  • Try using distilled water as tap water or hard water might meddle with the genuine taste of tea leaves.
  • Ensure that the Teabag strings are not completely immersed in distilled water. You can grip them either with the help of a mason jar or with a rubber band. This trick will aid you to discard the tea bags after use easily.

A variety of sun tea

With Sugar

‘Sweet sun tea’ is sun tea with sugar or organic honey. Subsequently, the tea is steeped in the sun or the refrigerator for 2–6 hours, add 2 cups of sugar per gallon. Stir it well and serve it in a glass of ice. You can vary the amount of sugar, depending on the taste required. Sweet sun tea contains more calories than ordinary sun tea because of the presence of sugar or honey.

With fruits

You can make sun tea with unique flavors like strawberry, mint, peach, orange, and pear. The process of making sun tea recipes with fruits is straightforward. Carefully cut the fruit to medium size. Place the fruits in the jar when you keep teabags too steep in the sun tea jar. After steeping the tea for 2-6 hours, Serve it in a glass of ice cubes along with the fruits.

With Green tea

Wondering, “How many tea bags should we use to make sun tea?” To prepare ‘green sun tea’, use 6-8 family size green tea bags per one gallon. You can serve this tea with a slice of lime or lemon. This tea is abundant in antioxidants and helps in weight loss.


Can you make sun tea in a plastic container?

We should avoid preparing sun tea in a plastic container. The sun rays might naturally react with plastic and release chemicals in the tea. It may spoil the taste of sun tea and even make it poisonous. A glass Pitcher is inevitably a reliable option to deliver sun tea as the sun rays can be absorbed instantly through it.

Is sun tea diuretic?

Diuretic substances cause more urine production. Like any other tea, unless consumed in excess amount, sun tea is not diuretic. Sun tea keeps you hydrated.

How long does sun tea last?

We should preserve the unused sun tea in the refrigerator. We should consume it within two days.

Is sun tea made using a stove?

No, we never make sun tea using a stove. The essence of sun tea is that we make it from sun rays!

What is sun tea mix?

Sun Tea Mix is the name of a bubble tea shop; it is not a variety of Sun Tea.

Final thoughts

Sun tea can be made by steeping either in the sun or in the refrigerator. Keeping it in the fridge can eliminate bacterial growth, so I always prefer this effective method. You can use green or black tea bags to make it. There are many famous sun tea brands, like Lipton sun tea and Luzianne sun tea. It is better to use a sun tea glass jar to make sun tea because it undoubtedly has advantages such as visibility and safety. You can cleanse it easily and also employ a dispenser attached to it. You can also try sweet sun tea and sun tea with fruits in various flavors. I hope you will try this delicious recipe! If you have more ideas about Sun Tea, then leave a comment below.

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