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Royal milk tea – Best Japanese milk tea in 2020

This is the ultimate guide to Royal milk tea.

Once a friend of mine from Japan visited India and gave me a tea packet as a gift. He knew that Indians love to drink tea and insisted I try this special Japanese tea. As it was written in Japanese, I asked him the name of the tea. “Royal milk tea”, he said. To be honest, Initially, I was not excited about the gift. I was always told that the best varieties of tea are available only in India and China. After a few days, I decided to drink that tea. To my pleasant surprise, it was delectable. I was disillusioned and tried to find out “What is Royal Milk Tea?”

Difference Between Royal milk tea and milk tea(chai)

Yes, royal milk tea is different from milk tea.

  • We can make milk tea using black, white, green, or oolong tea leaves. But we make it with only black tea leaves.
  • Milk tea has the same ratio of water to milk, but Royal milk tea contains a lot more milk than water.
  • Unlike milk tea, there are no spices or tea masala added to it. It is a mixture of tea leaves, water, milk and sugar.

Benefits of Royal milk tea

Tea masala or spices like ginger, crushed cardamom, cloves, etc. are not added to the royal milk tea. Tea spice can cause acidity problems for many people. So royal milk tea is the best substitute for milk tea. Apart from this, it has the following benefits:

  • It makes you feel refreshed, as it relieves stress.
  • It can be made within 5-7 minutes and adequately serves as an instant energy provider.
  • We can also make it in a cold form which offers you more viable options as a summer drink.

Royal milk tea bottle

Royal milk tea glass bottles or cans are equally available in the Japanese market. Cans and bottles are the easiest way to have cold milk tea. The ingredients present in it are black tea, milk, water, sugar, and emulsifiers. Please remember storing these cans in a cool place.

Royal milk tea Powder

Royal milk tea is also available in powder form. The best thing about powder form is that you just need hot water for making it. Read the instructions written on the packet. Take about 8 oz glass of hot water and add about 4-6 teaspoons of Royal Milk Tea Powder depending on your taste. Ensure that milk tea powder is adequately mixed with hot water. Typical ingredients used in Royal Milk Tea Powder are Skimmed Milk Powder or Whole Milk Powder, Black Tea, Sugar, and Emulsifiers.

How to make Royal milk tea

The quality of tea leaves

Choosing the right tea leaf remains a crucial factor when making Royal Milk Tea. Usually, Assam tea leaves are used to make dark or strong royal milk tea. Darjeeling tea leaves are used to make light-colored Royal milk tea. You can use a unique combination of both in different proportions. I prefer mixing Darjeeling tea and Assam tea in a 3:1 ratio. Remember, exclusively black tea leaves are utilized in making Royal milk tea. Numerous brands use black tea leaves from different places for better results.

Amount of water

Royal milk tea is made using a more significant amount of milk than water. The correct ratio is 3: 1. Some people do not add water at all, but I like adding it. I believe that tea leaves are better processed in water than milk. You can use filtered or distilled water to make it. If you take hard water, the salt dissolved in it might meddle with the taste of black tea leaves.

Type of milk used

The use of the right milk is an essential part of making this recipe. Remember, milk is about 75% of royal milk tea. Try using whole milk as it is thicker than any other type of milk. You can also use milk powder, but be sure to add enough of it. Some people use cream in combination with milk to thicken royal milk tea.


Always try making milk tea on low heat. It will take a bit more time, but the result is delicious!

Royal milk tea recipe

Below is a recipe for making a cup (8 ounces) of Royal Milk Tea.

Royal milk tea – Japanese milk tea

Course: Royal milk teaCuisine: JapaneseDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time




Total time



Royal milk tea is a simple mixture of water, tea, milk, and sugar. It is made like milk tea. But the quantity of milk and the quality of the tea leaves used in it makes it very different. If you like drinking tea with milk, then you will definitely like this tea. Royal milk tea from Japan is the Japanese way of making milk tea. The creamy texture is what makes it taste so regal and tempting. In Japan, it is available in both cold and hot forms in many local cafes and vending machines.


  • Whole milk

  • Water

  • Black tea leaves

  • Sugar or honey to taste

  • Cream(optional)


  • Take a saucepan and add about ½ cup of water.
  • Switch on the gas stove and add two teaspoons of black tea leaves. Set your gas stove on low flame for about 2-3 minutes.
  • When the color of the water turns black, and it starts boiling then add ¾ cup of whole milk in it.
  • Keep the gas stove on low heat for 3-5 minutes and allow it to boil.
  • You can add sugar or organic honey to it depending on your taste requirement.
  • Pour royal milk tea in a cup with the help of a sieve.
  • You may include cream over it to increase its thickness.


  • To make cold Royal milk tea, you must keep it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. After that, you can take a glass of ice cubes, pour the royal milk tea in it and taste the refreshment.

Royal milk tea boba

Another option for making Royal milk tea is Royal milk bubble tea. You can use any boba to make this tea, but I use quickly prepared boba.

1. Take some boba and heat it for about 3 minutes in water. The water used for heating should be about eight times the boba. Keep stirring them to make sure they don’t stick to the bottom.
2. After they have started floating, switch off the gas stove and cover it for about 5 minutes.
3. Check if they are soft enough. If not, then leave it for some more time.
4. Drain them in another bowl with the help of a strainer and soak them thoroughly in honey for about 5 minutes.
5. Take a mug and add cold royal milk tea in it. Add boba and some ice cubes to it. Stir it well.
6. The chilled royal milk tea with chewy tapioca balls is ready to be served!


Boba is already sweet. Please include sugar to royal milk tea accordingly.


Where can I buy Royal milk tea?

A few years ago, it was exclusively available in the Japanese market. But now it is universally accessible through online platforms. We can buy it as Milk Tea Powder or Royal Milk Tea can. Nitto kocha Royal milk tea and Royal Milk Tea Sangaria are two famous teas available in the online market. It is also very famous in Singapore

Does Royal milk tea contains caffeine?

By all means, it contains caffeine. The caffeine content depends on the quality of black tea leaves used to make it. Black tea contains the most caffeine among the leaves of white, green, black and oolong tea. If we make royal milk tea from Assam tea leaves, it may contain about 80 mg of caffeine. If we make it from Darjeeling tea leaves, it may contain about 50 milligrams of caffeine per 8 oz cup. This amount of caffeine is still meager compared to the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee.

How many calories are in a cup of Royal milk tea?

High-fat milk cream and sugar are ingredients of Royal Milk Tea, so it contains normal calories. The number of calories varies according to the quality of the milk and the amount of sugar used. A cup of royal milk tea with sugar contains about 50-60 kilo-calories. A cup of tea made from Royal Milk Tea Powder contains about 59 kilo-calories.

Concluding words

If you ever visit Japan, you must try Japanese royal milk tea. It is one of the best forms of milk tea available worldwide. It makes you feel refreshed and is exceptionally effortless to make. We typically require only four ingredients for preparation which are black tea, milk, water and sugar. You can make hot or cold Royal milk tea depending on your preference. It is universally available on online platforms as Royal Milk Tea Powder or Royal Milk Tea Can. Give it a try and express your thoughts in the comments section

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